Bacteriography by Zachary Copfer

Copfer on his work:

During my graduate research I invented a new medium that combines photographic processes with microbiological practices. I have coined the process bacteriography. Bacteriography consists of shooting radiation through a negative on to a petri dish covered with bacteria. The end product is a plate of bacteria that have grown to form a photographic image. The process is very similar to darkroom photography only the enlarger has been replaced by a radiation source and instead of photo sensitive paper this process uses a petri dish coated with a living bacterial emulsion



Here’s a bird’s eye view of the World Cup (nations), brought to you just a couple hours before the first game between Brazil and Croatia. All these images come from NASA — you can learn a lot more about the images and see them in beautiful high resolution here.

Also, a reminder that you can watch Spaceship Earth cruise by in real-time through NASA’s recently installed HDEV on the ISS :)


R.I.P. Maya Angelou (1928-2014), photographed in 1974 by Wayne Miller/Magnum Photos.


R.I.P. Maya Angelou (1928-2014), photographed in 1974 by Wayne Miller/Magnum Photos.



Cosmic Inflation Explained.

Here’s PHD Comics with a great explanation of the HUUUUGE physics news this week.

Keeping Track of Venezuela's Dead


David Smilde

El Universal has a list of 25 people who have died in the protests during the last month. Here are some quick tabulations.

(These numbers are slightly different from what I posted on Twitter a couple of hours ago since El Universal has updated its list. I have also…



Yesterday, the Library of Congress digitized a treasure trove of materials from Carl Sagan’s life—including early Cosmos drafts, NASA proposals, correspondences with Neil deGrasse Tyson, audio recordings, and over 30 minutes of home movie footage.

In lieu of this momentous occasion, they’ve also created a showcase of over 300 historic items exploring connections between the legacies of Carl, Galileo, H.G. Wells, and many others.

Discover “Our Place in the Cosmos

Compliment this with Joe’s webisode from ‘It’s Okay To Be Smart' entitled “Remembering Carl Sagan” regarding his visit to the Library of Congress in lieu of Carl Sagan Day and the intellectual treasure trove of miscellaneous items from the archives of Carl Sagan submitted to the Library of Congress via Seth MacFarlane.



Happy International Women’s Day!

Here’s a collection of Ms. magazine covers from the 1970s.